Macenas Golf to be auctioned off this Thursday

Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort will be auctioned off this Thursday by the Ministry of Employment after the complex was seized for not paying social security. The sale was going to be earlier in the year but negotiations stalled the embargo. However the government has run out of patience and ordered the sale.

The reserve price on the auction is just €153.089, but the complex comes with €2.662.000 in debt which the purchaser must prove they can settle.

The sale comprises 270.442,85 square metres of land, which includes the 18 hole golf course and land suitable for building some 1.440 homes on, although 300 homes have already been constructed.

The golf course is currently closed after water was cut off last year. A number of the unsold homes on the failed urbanisation have been seized by SAREB, the government backed “bad bank” after banks couldn’t shift them, and were originally on sale for around €220.000 each. They are currently on sale for less than half of that; some of the homes that are still for sale via Banco Popular are discounted 60% from their original sale price.

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  1. I am interested in rescuing this golf complex, constructing a Hotel and golf club house, Restaurant, regenerating the fairways, and greens, with a special type of grass, this is my plan for the future of this area, there is great potential for catering for the average working man, and suit his pocket , to enjoy amenities, food and drink in a relaxed manner without the worry of the cost, I have had this project on my mind for the past year, and I think now is the time to act,

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