Chap caught red handed breaking into Zurgena townhall

Police were called to Zurgena townhall on Easter Thursday after an internal alarm went off, and when they checked the outside of the building, spotted a broken window with a pair of flip flops hanging off the reja.

Their suspicions aroused, they got hold of someone with the keys and searched the building.

Hunting around, they eventually discovered 45 F.J.C.M.,a local man, hiding flip flop less under a desk in an office. When they searched him, they discovered €75 in loose notes in one pocket and €234 in a townhall envelope in another, which corresponded to the plundered petty cash. Nobody seems to know why the chap left his flip flops hanging on the window grille.

F.J.C.M. was promptly nicked and marched off to the local courts at Huercal Overa.

Some would say it’s not the first time a thief has been found inside that townhall…. ah hem.

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