OK, Franco was a dictator admits Spanish Academy of History

The Spanish Academy of History has bowed to public pressure and will amend the official biography of Francisco Franco to make it clear he was a dictator. The current entry was written by Professor Luis Suárez, who specialises in medieval history – and happens to be a member of the Francisco Franco Foundation, a charitable organisation setup by the dictators heirs to “guard his historic memory”. Really. Tax breaks and everything. I’ve written before on Continue reading OK, Franco was a dictator admits Spanish Academy of History

Impressive car crash in Aguadulce

A woman lost control of her car after hitting a puddle this midday in Aguadulce (other side of Almeria city) and managed to plough through a wall. Accidente en Aguadulce (Almería). Sin comentarios. #estápasando #aparcao pic.twitter.com/CU1Z7LawSx — Curro Verdegay (@CurroVerdegay) April 7, 2015 The 32 year old woman suffered only light injuries.

Aloe Vera everywhere

There has been a boom in the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants in Almería, and it’s estimated that about 100,000 of the plants are currently under cultivation. The largest farm is run by a company called Cosensa just 15km outside of Almería, which has 10 ha under cultivation. Consensa, by the way, was founded by General Luis Rosón Pérez, whose brother Juan José was the first democratic Minister of the Interior (that might have helped Continue reading Aloe Vera everywhere