Almeria airport only flying to 20 destinations this year

The summer schedule of destinations for Almería Airport has been unveiled and it’s a poor show: just 20 European destinations this year, down from 26 last year.

A further 9 national destinations will be served from the airport.

AENA says that you will be able to fly on a regular flight this year to Holland, Denmark, UK, Slovakia, Belgium, Eire, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Iceland (?), France, Portugal and the Checz Republic.

A full list of destinations is available here updated as flights become live (it doesn’t say, for example, if an airline plans to start serving a destination next month).

The UK isn’t very well served. Monarch is only flying to Manchester; Easyjet only flying to Gatwick; Ryanair flies to Stanstead (it also flies from Almeria to Brussels and Dublin).

In addition to these regular flights which take place from once to three times a week there will be charter flights to other destinations organised by regional tour operators.

You’ll also be able to fly to the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Melillla, Seville, Bilbao, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza & Valencia.

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