Junta asks for police warrant to demolish the Algarrobico hotel

The Junta de Andalucia has asked for judicial permission to enter the Algarrobico hotel grounds and demolish it for once and for all, despite delaying tactics by the builder.

A request for a warrant was filed with the Supreme Court on Friday asking for permission to bypass the builder Azata del Sol SL, and requesting police protection for demolition experts to enter the area at will. The request also asks the court for an order for Azata del Sol to file their bank details with the Junta so the company can receive 2,3 million euros in compensation it refuses to collect.

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Azata de Sol SL has been employing every delaying tactic it can think of to delay the demolition of the half built hotel in Carboneas, including not collecting the 2,3 million euros compensation it was granted in exchange for the land the hotel was built on. The company continues to request a compensation package running into tens of millions of euros in exchange for allowing the regional government to demolish the illegal hotel.

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