Remains of Miguel de Cervantes, writer of Don Quijote, found

The remains of Miguel de Cervantes, the Spanish answer to Shakespeare, have been found in a mass grave in the monastery of Convento de las Trinitarias in Madrid, according to an official report published today.

Investigators have spent the last few years digging through the ancient tombs in the crypt below the Convent, and are “pretty sure” that Miguel and his wife Catalina de Salazar have been found.

However, no DNA remains have been found that conclusively link the bones to Miguel, the result is down to analysis of the remains and detective work.

The tomb with the remains

Miguel de Cervantes was interred in a tomb in 1616 inside the crypt. However, building work in 1673 caused the remains to be removed and put into a common grave along with his wife and 15 other unrelated people, including the remains of children.

Controversy is certain to continue to rage over the final resting place of the famous writer, with this report already being dismissed as “pure speculation” by supporters of other supposed resting places of Miguel.

The investigators said that during the opening of the crypt they had come across some surprising finds, such as fully mummified bodies from the 17th century, coins and a large number of children with rickets.

2 Replies to “Remains of Miguel de Cervantes, writer of Don Quijote, found”

  1. L.S. Next week my new book will be published: the truth about Don Quixote, the fraud of Cervantes. After 5-6 years of investigation i can tell you that Miguel de Cervantes didnot write The Don Quixote. Sir Francis Bacon did ( with a bent of writers), just as he wrote the Shakespeare plays.. to leave a message for the ones who can read. Why he did so, with whome, where, when and what the secret is he had to give forward you ca read in my book: De waarheid over Don Quixote, het bedrog van Cervantes.

  2. Please… Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, essayist and author, whereas William Shakespeare born 3 yrs after Bacon was an English poet, playwright, and actor.. two entirely different minds and careers… you will be telling me next the world is flat, Elvis lives in the South of France with Princess Diana and Aliens used to inhabit the Earth!!!!!

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