Last chance to register to vote in the May municipal elections!

If you are on the padrón but not registered to vote (despite what many townhalls are telling you, these are two different things) you have one final chance to get on the electoral roll during the week between the 6th and 13th of April.

All townhalls are obliged to carry out a final check of the electoral roll (exposición del lista censo electoral) during this week, so you can go to your townhall, ask if you are on the electoral roll, and if you aren’t, get on it ahead of the municipal elections on May 24. If you speak Spanish, you can also call the censo office in Almeria on 950 281 739.

If you are going to be away on the 24th May, you can register in advance to vote by post. The procedure is very simple. This can be done between the 31 March and the 14 May. You must request this at the post office, in person with your photo ID. You will then receive (at a, so far, unspecified date), an envelope that must be picked up with ID and signed for on receipt. The envelope will contain voting slips for the parties standing at the election. You must select the slip for the party you wish to vote for (do not write on the slip or it will be null) and place it in the corresponding envelope, then inside another envelope. This must then be posted to the electoral board before 20 May (all instructions are in the envelope) so it is valid and included in the ballot.

Jessica Simpson, councillor for MPSM
Jessica Simpson, leader of the “Somos Mojacar” coalition

Expat residents are only permitted to vote in the municipal elections this May, not the regional ones to the Parliament of Andalusia.

Jessica Simpson from Mojacar Positiva se Mueve (the somos Mojacar coalition in Mojacar) told me that:

Over 1,500 foreign people have been deleted from the Mojacar padrón in 2014 and a further 1000 are still to be confirmed, or deleted, in 2015. MPSM recommends that all citizens check their inclusion on the lists between 6 and 13 April at the townhall or censo office.

The power to decide the future of Mojacár lies in your hands, each person has a vote and every vote counts. It was only two votes that made a big difference in 2011.

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Act now to ensure a better future for our lovely village and resort.

Jessica, who is currently a councillor in Mojácar for her local party “Mojacar Positiva se Mueve – MSPM) and a businesswoman in the village, will be leading a coalition of independent groups at the next municipal elections under the name “Somos Mojacar”, (we are Mojacar in English) a name which represents the “plurality, independence and local attitude of the coalition”.

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