3 minesweepers of the Spanish Navy on show in Almería port

If you’re in Almería today and bored, you might want to swing by the port where three minesweepers of the Spanish Navy will be having an open day.

They are the three naval ships that have spent the week off the coast of Vera on exercises, the cazaminas Tajo, Sevilla and Segura. Everytime a Navy ship sails into port, it’s described as a cazaminas, doesn’t the Spanish Navy have anything bigger? Or do we just get the little ones.

And if you go at midday, you’ll have the chance to see no lesser personages than the Colonel of the Guardia Civil in Almeria; the Chief Commissionaire of the National Police in Almería; General Commanding  of the legión, the army base outside Almería; government subdelegate of Defense in the province and the subdelegate of the Government, as they traipse round the boats nodding appreciatively.

If you can’t face the VIP’s, here’s a nice video. They are described as “cutting edge”, but I don’t know… do they really navigate using only that compass?

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