Spain rejects compensation for conned purchasers of illegal homes

The PP Party has rejected all amendments submitted by other political parties, including one related to illegal houses, proposed by the PSOE, to guarantee compensation to purchasers in good faith prior to demolition. This means the amendment to the Spanish Criminal Code is now likely to fail, leaving once again those who have been conned into buying an illegal house without recourse to criminal law.

According to the spokesperson for AUAN, one of the associations representing Britons affected by the issue of illegal houses in Spain ‘The procedure for dealing with amendments to the Criminal Code is not yet concluded and the Senate is due to vote on 12th March. However, given the attitude of the PP and given that the PP has a majority in the Senate it is unlikely that this amendment will now be approved. This is a blow for the victims who need justice now and a lost opportunity’.
 ‘It seems that there is a lack of understanding of the impact of demolitions without prior compensation to purchasers in good faith. Not only with respect to the violation of the human rights, the fundamental rights and the constitutional rights of the individual, but also the economic impact on society as a whole with regard to the reputation of Spain abroad and the confidence of foreign purchasers in the Spanish property market. And, also there is a lack of understanding of the damage that this type of demolition inflicts on communities that rely on foreign investment. Damage that manifests itself in social and political instability and the obstruction of economic development.’
‘From AUAN’s point of view we continue to encourage all those who work towards legislation that is more just for all citizens. We always have a little hope but we are always prepared to face disappointment.  Today is a day of disappointment. However, we will not give up and will continue to work for what we believe in and we believe in justice.’  

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