Turre – a history has been published

My latest book on the history of the province: Turre – a history is now available in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon!

Or if you want, you can get it from Amazon.es, the Spanish site.

Turre – a history recounts the last 500 years of history of the Levante of Almeria through the story of the small town called Turre.

Starting with the conquest of the province by the Spanish Catholic Kings from the Moors, the story develops looking into such local affairs as pirate raids, the war of the Alpujarras, the final expulsion of the Moors and the Jews, slavery in the fields, the Napoleonic wars and finally the twentieth century.

I’ve has been delving into the history archives of the Spanish province of Almeria to uncover the hidden secrets of the area and bring them to an English speaking audience in the first English language history of the province, and it’s a short, enjoyable and readable overview of the last half millennium.

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  1. Is it possible having this book translate in french or spanish ? Il am very interested to buy it in these 2 lenguage

  2. Hi, I’m afraid it’s only available in English. If you visit the library at Turre they have some local history books in Spanish.

  3. I am currently visiting the area and would like to buy a copy of your book on Turre during my visit.
    I tried a couple of shops today in Turre and Mojacar but they did not stock copies.
    Is there a shop in the area I could get one?
    Many thanks
    John Wood

  4. I have ordered your book and look forward to reading it. My family are descendants of Ode de Turre. The first documented family member. Some genealogical websites state he originated from Turre. However he is listed as born in the 1100s. Over 150 years before the place Turre is defined, according to for example wikipedia: ‘originally a Moorish settlement created after the invading Christian armies of the Catholic Monarchs expelled the Moors from the nearby village of Mojacar in 1488’. By 1488 our family was long established in England. Over the centuries the surname changes from de Turre, to Turre, Torre, and presently Torr. My father traced our family history back in the 1970s (before the days of computers and mobile devices). There seems a discrepancy in how Ode is recognised as ‘de Turre’. I am not suggesting your book is erroneous. Do you have any thoughts or details that you have not published. Thank you for reading my comments.

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