7 kph grace on speed traps under 100kph; 7% margin above

As from next month, all speed traps will be set to have a tolerance of 7kph if the speed is under 100kph; if over, it will be 7%.

Example: If you’re in an 80kph zone, the speed trap will fire at 88kph and you get fined. Likewise, in a 50kph zone, it will fire at 58kph.

If you’re on the motorway in a 100kph zone, you can do 107kph (100 + 7%). In a 120 kph zone, you can do 131 kph (120 + 7%).

Got it?

There are currently 10 fixed speed traps across Almería province:  3 on the Autovía del Mediterráneo (A7), the rest on the A92, N340a, N341, A334, A352, AL3115 & AL5105.

As I said yesterday, mobile speed traps will now be signposted and warnings given.

They’re also installing 30 average speed traps in the big cities.

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