No more hidden speed traps on secondary roads

The traffic police (DGT) have promised to stop all hidden speed traps on all secondary roads across the nation by the end of the month.

DGT mobile speed traps will now be banned from hiding behind a tree or a flyover to catch the unwary drivers below. Instead, mobile signposts will be erected along the road warning of traps and the exact location of each days speed checks will be published online at

The measure comes after complaints that the traffic police are using speed traps purely as a revenue generating mechanism and not as a deterrent.

María Seguí, head of the DGT, told Congress today of her new plans, and said it was part of a reorientation of resources towards making Spanish roads even safer.

“Speed traps are there to examine speeds and make sure people are driving safely” said María. “The denuncia should not be the main objective of the speed trap”.

The DGT has promised a new era of transparency in speed traps. GPS operators will now have access to all roads that are going to be subjected to speed traps each month in advance to update their subscribers.

However, the DGT is also changing a number of spot speed traps around major cities into average cameras that measure the average speed of drivers along roads, as well as trying to spot vans, lorries and drivers who have a lower speed limit imposed than the average car.

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