Doctors beg TVE to stop presenter uttering “ridiculous” medical advice

The Madrid guild of Doctors has issued an official plea to Spain’s state broadcast to stop one of their top morning presenters from uttering ridiculous, banal and irrelevant medical advice on her programme.

Mariló Montero presents the breakfast show “las manañas de TVE1”, a national programme that is watched by millions. But recently she’s been interested in alternative therapies that are getting doctors annoyed.

A recent example that the guild of doctors issued an official complaint to the TV ombudsman was a piece in which un unblushing Mariló told viewers that just sniffing a lemon every day would help prevent cancer.

The Guild says in its complaints that such ridiculous nonsense trivialises a very serious disease, and when issued on a national programme, shows contempt for its viewers.

They want a full retraction, and ask for more rigorous standard of journalism in the future.

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