Almería to host massive NATO war games this autumn

35.000 military personnel from 25 NATO countries and 7 allies will be marching up and down the coast of Almería this autumn as part of Trident Juncture 2015, the largest NATO war games since the Cold War.

The war games will be taking place up and down the deserted coasts of Almería, in the Alboran sea (off the city of Almería) and in the straits of Gibraltar. Portugal and Italy will also see operations taking place.

It’s part of training for Operation Spearhead, the new rapid response unit of NATO which aims to be able to put 5,000 soldiers ashore anywhere in the world with 48 hours of any emergency being declared.

We saw lots of fun last year when the NATO troops stormed ashore in Villaricos, with some of them hanging around for photos with the locals afterwards.


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