50 families to be evicted in Roquetas because their rental contracts are fake

50 families renting flats are facing eviction in Roquetas del Mar because their homes had been rented out under false pretences.

The builder of “Mirador del Sur”, a large complex in Las Colinas de Aguadulce had the homes embargoed some years ago by his bank after he failed to meet interest payments on the loans. Despite this, and whilst the legal battle was ongoing, he proceeded to rent out as many as he could, although this was illegal on his part.

The courts have now ordered the repossession of the homes to go ahead, and the bank in question has filed eviction orders against all the tenants, alleging that they are squatters.

The furious tenants only found out about this last week after the first eviction notices were served on them. The fact that they have legally been paying rent and utilities to the supposed owners of the flats appears to count for nothing.

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