Paedophile snatches six year old boy off street in Roquetas

A massive police operation in Roquetas del Mar ended with the arrest of a 36 year old man who snatched a six year old boy off the street Thursday night.

Dozens of police officers from the Guardia Civil, Judicial Police and Local Police scoured the town along with friends and family members of the small child until he was found.

The child was playing in his street in front of his house with some friends of the same age. When dinner time came the mother of the child went to call him in and discovered he was missing. Police quickly discovered that a man in a car had called him over, picked him up and driven off at high speed.

The description of the car was quickly circulated, and at 4am on Friday, it was spotted outside some abandoned warehouses. Armed police stormed the warehouse and discovered the man and boy inside.

Police have refused to comment on the case other than to confirm the arrested man was a 36 year old called M.N. and that he has been arrested for kidnapping. They have also refused to comment on the state of the child other than to say he is now safe. The kidnapping is being reported by local media to have been sexual in nature, but the child remains in the care of the medical authorities who are preparing a report for the Judge who will be assigned to the case on Monday.

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