Local businessman arrested as 500 kilos of cocaine found in Cartagena port

Police have arrested noted “businessman” Antonio GG, aka “El Garí”, after seizing 500 kilos of cocaine found in a container in Cartagena port, along with 8 other people across the province of Almería.

Antonio, a “businessman” who lives in Olula del Rio, has a number of businesses across the province but is also reputed to be involved in much shadier operations. In 2009 he was cleared of ordering the murder of the head of the gypsy clan “Los Pertolos” and his nephew.

The specialist anti-drug arm of the National police, the Udyco, traced the container after a tipoff from Colombian authorities, and waited until it was collected in Cartagena before pouncing. The container was registered in the name of Antonio, which was the motive for his arrest.

The cocaine would be worth about €3 million on Spanish streets before being mixed with adulterants to flesh it out, and substantially more if taken to the northern european markets.

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