Andalusian President is pregnant

Susana Díaz, President of Andalusia, has confirmed rumours that she is three months pregnant.

The 40 year old is expecting her first child, with her librarian husband José María Moriche. Susana, who has always made a big deal of being an integral part of her large family, added that she expects to take maternity leave as “is normal” but added that this will not “be a problem” and explains that she will take the minimum amount of time off that she can.

Susana will be the first serving President of a Spanish region to become pregnant during her term of office, although several senior ministers have given birth whilst carrying out their government duties.

Last Thursday, during a public interview organised by SER radio, the President accepted a last minute unscheduled question which asked “what are you planning to do to raise the Andalusian birth rate?”. It’s not known if this was a coincidence… or a personal joke by one of her friends.

We still don’t know if this is the reason for tomorrows emergency meeting with all of her provincial heads.

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