Andalucia planning to build 285,000 new council houses

Under the Junta de Andalucia’s “let’s build our way out of la crisis” plan (known officially as the Programa de Impulso a la Construcción Sostenible, “the program for the impulse of sustainable construction”) towns across Andalucia have put aside sufficient land to build a whopping 285,000 new VPO’s in the short term, and well over a million long term.

VPO’S are the Spanish version of the council home, price regulated homes that are built and sold by the state. In theory they can’t be resold for a number of years, and their price is regulated once they come onto the open market.

510 municipalities have adapted their town plans to accommodate the new builds, or 66% of all towns in Andalucia. However, they are the largest towns, and cover about 90% of the population.

Susana Díaz, President of Andalucia, said that the new building plan was a vital route to economic recuperation, presumably by employing all the youths she let quit school with no qualifications to work in the building industry the first time around.

There’s no other reason to build all these new homes other than job creation in an election year, but it looks good. The housing market, economy,

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