118 mining concessions out to tender

The Junta has opened a bidding process for 118 mining concessions across the province of Almería covering a total of 88.175 ha2.

Assuming Almería province is 8,774km2, that’s 877,400 ha2 meaning…

That’s 10% of the province out to tender? Crikey.

Of course, the concessions just let you go out there with a JCB and dig about until you hit whatever you have to the right to look for. Yeso, marble, ornamental rocks (gravel I suppose, not just the fishtank ones) and barites mainly. You then have to go back and purchase the land, etc.

You can see the whole list and if the concession is near your home in the countryside here. Scroll down the first few pages of bumf to get to the good stuff.

Bédar has several, as does Antas. A couple up in the mountains behind Turre near Sorbas.

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  1. After 2 years research on Almeria and various visits to the area, I have decided that I won’t be moving there! The government are not happy to have houses built in rural areas but you can dig up massive areas for a bit of fun. Total madness in a totally corrupt country.

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