Junta asks EU to 280M to finish off Almería’s motorways

The Junta has said it will finish off all of the abandoned motorways in the province, if the EU stumps up 280 million euros to pay for it all. Well, that’s the essence of yesterday’s statement.

The plan submitted to the EU is asking for Andalucia’s share of Presidents Juncker’s massive cash spend under the known “Plan Juncker”. The EU Prezzie, you will remember, has abandoned austerity and announced he’s spending hundreds of billions of euros to reactive Europe’s economy. Anyone remember the New Deal of the 30’s? No? Ah well.

The money will be used to finish off the following started and abandoned projects:

The money will also go to finish off similar abandoned projects in the provinces of Córdoba, Málaga and Seville. The total cost is some 280 million euros, of which 157 will be spent before 2017.

In all, Andalucia has submitted a request for – sit down for this – 13 billion euros to finish or start 699 construction projects. Got to keep the bribe industry going, dontchaknow. More bloody AVE’s are included in the plan.

They’ve also stuck in there a request for funds to finish the maternity hospital in Almeria, 2 million euros for provincial historical archives (see yesterdays bit about a priceless historical document being found in a box somewhere in Almeria by a newspaper reporter), and just about any other project that the Junta thinks will win the PSOE next years elections.

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