Spanish Princess puts half a million euros bail money in wrong account

The Spanish Infanta Cristina has been forced to pay 587.413 euros to the Balearic Island court investigating her family for massive corruption for bail.

Sadly, her lawyers made a mistake and sent the money to the wrong person. Ouch.

A fair amount of running around behind the scenes can be assumed, but it turns out that they transposed a 5 and a 4 in the bank account number, and the €587.413 actually went to some court in Barcelona. The Princess will now have to file a petition in that court to request the return of the money, which may take some time.

The Judge in Mallorce, meanwhile, has ruled that since he hasn’t received the funds he won’t accept them as being paid, even if they have gone to another court, and won’t suspend the process until the funds have been received.

The money was supposed to be held by the court as bail whilst her opaque personal tax situation is resolved. By getting the cash, the court was, in brief, supposed to stop a criminal prosecution for tax evasion whilst she negotiated a private settlement with the tax authorities.

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