How long do townhalls take to pay suppliers?

Used to be the case that if you landed a contract with a townhall you could relax in the knowledge that you’d be paid. You didn’t know when you’d be paid, but at least you’d be paid.

Of course, now with the la crisis, townhalls pay infrequently and late. The problem was so great that in 2012 it was deemed to be one of the biggest causes of failures amongst small businesses, and the central government enacted a number of laws to force townhalls to meet their obligations.

Townhalls are now obliged to pay within one month of delivery. Of course, many of them don’t.

If they fail to meet this obligation, the supplier can then escalate the bill to demand payment, and will receive a payment plan. If the townhall still doesn’t pay, eventually, the central government will pay and reclaim the money off the townhall.

And if the townhall has an average payment date longer than a month, they’re supposed to explain to the central government what they’re doing to reduce payment times and reserve a portion of their running capital to cover such costs.

As part of this, the government has released the list of townhalls that take longer than a month to pay. So you need to add 30 days to the figure shown to see the average payment date. Townhalls that don’t appear haven’t filed their information with the government and are being chased says the Tax Office – it seems there aren’t any townhalls in Almería that pay on time.


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