Train U-Turn : AVE will be double tracked after all!

Some months after announcing that the AVE to Almería would be single line only, the government has made a sudden and unexplained U-Turn and promised that it will be double tracked after all.

Nobody seems sure why the sudden turn around, unless it’s to allow the PP party in Almería to claim victory??? Or because since the government intends to privatise the Almería line, they’re afraid nobody will want a single line track.

Anyway, the Government is asking for 395.6 million euros from Europe to continue building highspeed railway track in Andalucia, out  of which will come the money for the Cuevas – Pulpí bit that has been promised will start soon.

The first contracts for this bit were supposed to be awarded before the end of the year – they’d better get a move on to keep that promise.

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