Stop calling them the Islamic State says Spanish Government to media

The Spanish media has been asked to stop calling those Islamic nutters the “Islamic State” as it dignifies “an unpleasant terrorist organisation”. The call came from a private communique from the Ministry of Defense issued to Spanish papers and broadcasters by Minister Francisco Martinéz.

Fran, who doesn’t really have any planes to join in the fun with, has to make do with urging papers to start calling IS Daesh.

Daesh, it seems, is what the local Arabs know the IS bunch as, and means something to be crushed.

Fran says its time to call things by their proper name and adds that Spains contribution to the international effort is by prevention. TVE said yesterday that some 3,000 residents of Spain have joined daesh or are planning to. Daesh, of course, plans to retake Andalucia and turn it into their own caliphate. Hey, beheadings and banning of booze apart, they can’t run the place any worse than the PSOE….

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