A dozen priests fired with papal authority for child abuse in Granada

At least a dozen Catholic priests have been “suspended from duties” from the Granada branch of the Church for sexual abuse of children. The Archbishop of Granada confirmed the order had been given with the full approval of the Pope, according to Catholic newspaper “Religión Digital”.

The decision came after a series of complaints were lodged by people who claimed to have suffered abuse whilst at religious residencies across the province.

The Public Prosecutor of Andalucia is investigating the case and the matter has gone before the court in Granada. The Judge has ordered secrecy to be preserved in the case whilst investigations continue.

The Archibishop’s office said that an internal investigation carried out by the Church Court had deemed that the complaints had sufficient merit to warrant the removal of the priests and that the Pope was in full agreement with the decision. The Church had decided to hand over the matter to the civil courts rather than continue with the religious courts.

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