3 arrested for stealing used cooking oil

You’ve seen the fancy new used cooking oil recycle bins scattered around the place?

Well, an ex-employee of the firm which runs them kept a copy of the keys when he was fired, and has been busy going round at night pinching the oil with two of his mates.

The three would turn up in their van once a week, empty the contents of the bins into large plastic containers and take them up to their house in Almería city. From there, they would then go round to authorised purchasers of used oil and sell it on.

They’ve pinched at least 40,000 litres of the stuff it seems. The credit for catching this dangerous band of crooks goes to Turre Guardia Civil, who put a plainclothes officer* on duty watching the Turre bin. When the crooks turned up, he took some photos and followed them on their route as they went round Mojácar, Garrucha, Vera etc emptying all the bins. After that, it was a simple matter of running their plates.

*A handy photo of the plainclothes officer was included in the press release. See above. At least I assume it was him.

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