Social Security boss took Mums pension for 19 years after she died

A senior official in the Seville Social Security office is on trial for continuing to accept his Mothers pension for 19 years after she passed away.

Mum died in 1992, but R.A.S.M., ex-head of Social Security Administration number 1 in Seville continued to forge her pension on the yearly form. She was receiving two pensions, an OAP state pension and a widows pension from the military.

The son apparently got 137.582€ over the last two decades.

He not only forged her signature, but submitted documents accrediting her dementia and immobility after a stroke to prevent her being called up for an interview, and stamped all the documents with a stamp from his office.

As scams go it’s not the biggest ever carried out in Seville, but it’s mildly amusing. The public prosecutor is seeking reimbursement, seven years jail and a further 7,200€ fine.

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