Policia launch mobile phone app for denuncias

The Policia Nacional have launched a smartphone app for citizens to denounce crimes they witness from their phones. It’s called alertcops (and why not? I’m sure the average Spaniard will remember that name) and it’s available for Android and iPhone.

The English language description says that

AlertCops is a citizen security alert system of the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE in Spanish)

This service allows a citizen to send an alert from a mobile device ‘smartphone’, including the geographical location, straight to the police bodies in a simple and intuitive manner to be assisted quickly and efficiently.

Service only available in Madrid, Málaga and Alicante.

The service only available bit is outdated, they’ve expanded the service to Andalusia and several other regions as well. I have downloaded it and am now roaming the streets looking for trouble… This assumes, of course, that Sargent Andrés at Turre has his phone on at night.

There isn’t, by the way, a button for political corruption in process. An obvious oversight which will, no doubt, be fixed in the next version.

If you know the name of the crime you have witnessed….

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