Three active serial killers in Spain

There are at least three active serial killers operating undetected across Spain warns the President of the Sociedad Española de Investigación de Perfiles Criminológicos (Spanish Society for the Investigation of Criminology Research Profiles), who has been analysing a series of modern unsolved murders in conjunction with the different Spanish police forces.

Juan Francisco Alcaraz issued the stark warning at a conference this weekend in Madrid on this very topic, and said that modern life made it very difficult for the police to identify this type of killer.

“We have to link a murder in Tenerife with another one in London” he says, and points out that most police forces will not link up the two murders. A careful study of modus operandi is needed to link the murders and suspect just one murderer he suggests.

Instead, he claims, most serial killers are detected because of their obsessive need to call attention to themselves which ends up in the attention of the police being directed towards them. In his new book, Manual del asesinato en serie: aspectos criminológicos, Juan has analysed the narcissist tendencies of the average serial killer and suggests techniques for the police to identify them.

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