A trip to the Vera Photo Club exhibition in Mojácar

I was secretly disappointed not to be an exhibitor at the Vera Photo Club’s exhibition ongoing in Mojácar. As a Professional Photographer (I once sold a print…) this, I felt, was the sort of thing that I should Be In.

Of course, having nobody to blame but myself for my own disorganisation and incompetence for not getting around to join the club, I couldn’t really complain. Although I did. Trouble is, I’m spreading myself too thin at the moment. Not enough time.

The gf, tiring of the constant whining in the car on the way to the exhibition, pointed out that the club was free, that Claus is a lovely bloke who is always prompting people to come along to their monthly meetings (first Sunday of the month from 10.00 – 13.00 am at The Blue Parrot in Vera Playa) and that the club has over a hundred lively members, always ensuring an interesting time, and that most Sundays I tend to sulk in my office pretending to write (but usually not). She would, she assured me, be glad to get me out of the house, or at least out of my old slippers.

I changed the topic to the ugly restoration work going on around the Mojácar fuente runoff reservoir (the gf’s grandpa had the mill there in the 50’s) which currently looks a right mess, and we wandered on up to the sala de arte above the fuente under a pleasant sun.

Leslie was on guard duty as usual at the entrance and waved us in. She also waved us out and had a nice chat with us, but I don’t feel it necessary to recount the whole episode.

I wasn’t really sure of what to expect, but by gum, I was not only surprised but I was also quite blown away by the quality on offer.

There was a lovely selection of photos on display, not just of the surrounding areas but also shots from abroad. The layout of the different exhibitors meant that you were constantly switching between themes and techniques, meaning that every column was different and the mind just had to keep working to analyse and breakdown the talent on offer.

There weren’t a huge amount of photos on display, but then again the room isn’t very big and the display filled two thirds of it quite nicely. You can see a photo of the photos (hah!) online here and, really, why am I going to bother explaining all the photos when you should go and look for yourself?

All in all, it was a most enjoyable trip for anyone, and there were certainly two or three photos that stuck in the mind. I just wish I’d gone earlier, but time hasn’t permitted.

The exhibition is on until the 20th of the month 10:30 – 16:30 Tues – Fri and 11:30 to 14:40 weekends. Closed Mondays. You can see the Vera Photo Club’s facebook page here. It looks like a great club and it’s the sort of thing we need more of around here. I shall have to participate, if they’ll have me!

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