Andalucian MP’s get 100% free travel (but nobody knew this)

Cadena Ser Radio has just made the surprise discovery that Andalucian MP’s (senators and deputies) get 100% free national travel. According to Cadena Ser, this “wasn’t common knowledge”.

Doesn’t matter whether they travel by plane, train or boat, the state picks up the bill no questions asked, and no need to identify the reason for the trip. Don’t worry the fat cats always booking business class – Iberia offers an automatic free upgrade to business class for all MP’s, which is nice for them.

And if the MP decides to use his or her personal car, they get an expense rebate of €0,25 per Km. Which is more than Correos pays their staff for using their own personal cars. Tax free, obviously.

The MP only has to book the trip, and the travel company will send the Andalucian government the bill.

It gets better – those Andalucian MP’s in the national government get a €3000 credit card annually to cover any taxi fees in Madrid.

It’s rumoured that Spanish MP’s upon entering public service for the first time are appointed their very own sack, the better to carry away tax payers money with.

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