Andalucia sponsors Aston Villa

Andalucia has announced a sponsorship deal with Aston Villa (backing a winner there!)

The deal is initially for two months (Nov and Dec) but is expected to be renewed for the forthcoming season.

Rafael Rodriguez (Andalucian Minister for fun) says it’s given Andalucia free publicity to the tune of €70,000 in the UK and €350.000 worldwide already.

There’s a fawning bit about it on the Aston Villa website here. A 115,000 people flew into Andalucia from Birmingham last year, mainly to Malaga and Almeria. Probably not this year though – Rafael hasn’t noticed that Monarch is probably dropping the Birmingham – Almeria route in 2015.

No idea what the cost of this is so here’s a fun fact of the month about Aston Villa:

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  1. This is an utter disgrace. Think about this for a moment…. the Junta de Andalucia are in the process of trying to demolish hundreds of British owned properties throughout the region (see other stories) and they actually have the front to sponsor one of our Premier League football teams to encourage more Brits to visit Spain and part with their money. They really must think that Brits have “mug” tattooed across their foreheads.

    Thank God I am not a Villa fan although I will be subjected to that vomit inducing logo while watching Match of the Day.

    Come on people, do wake up, we are being taken for a ride here, they are violating our human rights and using us like cash cows at the same time.

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