2 more British home to be demolished in Cantoria this 18th

The Junta has confirmed it is to demolish two British owned homes in Las Terreras,  Cantoria this 18th of November.

The demolitions are a continuation of two other demolitions carried out early last year, which were stopped by Cantoria townhall. The same sentence that ordered the demolitions fired the Mayor of the town, Pedro Llamas, for having lied to the court about allowing these homes to be connected to utilities.

The original two demolitions were stopped after the townhall sent the policia local to examine the demolition permits, and claimed health and safety regulations were being breeched.

All four homes were sold to British families after having been completed and connected to utilities, according to Europa Press, which notes that the families are entitled to compensation, although no amount has been set and another court battle would be required to confirm that.

The Junta has notified Cantoria townhall that a demolition team will start work this 18th November at 12:00. The builder is required to meet the costs.

Javier Aureliano García of the Provincial Tourism Board confirmed to Europa Press that he has received complaints about these demolitions from foreign tour operators, and admitted that it’s terrible news for the provinces attempt to sell itself abroad. AUAN also mobilised against the demolitions, which delayed this second phase for over a year.

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  1. So much for the incompetent Junta de Andalucia sorting out the so-called illegal property situation which, as we all know, they created in the first place. They have managed to keep this one quiet, I haven’t seen anything about it in the UK or Spanish press. Their love affair the bulldozer seems to know no bounds and we are now about to see yet more destruction and devastation – something they seem to get off on even when they are desperate for foreign investment. What a bunch of mindless cretins, can’t they see how much damage they are causing? Exactly what is this going to solve? No wonder the Spanish economy and property market are in complete meltdown. They will get pureed in the UK press yet again – bring it on.

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