Spain’s got the 8th most corrupt politicians in the world

Hang on in there, we’ve got a chance of becoming number one !

It comes in the latest Transparency International survey of the worlds countries, meaning Spain is far more corrupt than most African nations. I’ll have to stop my joke about Africa ending at the Pyrenees – it’s unfair to the hard working African.

Joaquim Bosch, head of “Judges for Democracy” got a soundbite out of it on Cuatro this morning when he told us that “Spain has the highest number of corrupt politicians in Europe and the least number of judges”.

He was wrong: Spain is only the third most corrupt EU member state. Italy and Greece continue to be more corrupt.

Transparency International’s Global Barometer on Political Corruption top 8 runs:

Nigeria, Nepal, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Jaimaca, El Salvador, Spain.

And it measures 108 countries across the world.

The World Bank also weighed in, giving Spain a “BBB” rating on Governance Indicators. Other countries in the same BBBoat: Italy, Kazakhistan, Mexico, Peru, San Marino, Slovenia and Thailand.


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