Llano Central will be approved in 2015

The new 2015 Budget for Andalucia stipulates that the Llano Central must be approved early next year, and contains a budget allocation for the paperwork to be drawn up and approved.

What’s the Llano Central?

Well, it’s a plan that contemplates the building of three golf courses (minimum – sic), 7,000 hotel rooms, xx,xxx new homes and apartments and much more in the vast, wind swept area between Turre, Los Gallardos, Vera and Garrucha, known as the new Llano Central city. For more on the subject, click here: Potala or the Llano Central posts

It was originally launched in around 2008, we heard an update on the document in 2010 (here), it was supposed to have been approved before 2011 and since then – nothing. No politician was going to put his or her name to such a mad cap scheme during the recession.
Of course, since Spain is now doing well again, we can start thinking about building again. Easier than actually putting in some infrastructure to help with the cronic unemployment in the area.
The whole plan had been quietly given to some architects in Madrid, who were being amply paid by the Junta to field embarrassing questions about the thing, and this sudden, unexpected announcement is the first we’ve heard since then.

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