Ex-Mayor of Zurgena in court over 202 illegal homes

Candido Trabálon, who used to be Mayor of Zurgena and is currently the councillor for public works in a coalition government is in court today on trial for permitting the construction of eight massive apartment blocks containing 202 illegal homes. Oh, and two swimming pools.

He is accused of issuing a building permit on non-urban lands.

The Public Prosecutor wants 21 months of jail (under two years, he won’t go) and eight years suspension from public office.

His friends from Inmuebles Promurdi S.L., who built the eyesores in La Alfoquia, are also on trial.

The buildings, in any case, were far too big for the area, which supposedly prohibits any building over two storeys or seven metres high.

Candido is also facing another court cases for presiding over the massive urban boom (all illegal) in his town: Operation Costurero, in which he faced 180 years of prision and 1050 years of inhabilitation for public office (he would have served a maximum of nine years, but it’s the thought that counts) for having issued 120 illegal licenses.

This has been split into two cases: in the first case, he was recently let off (but the public prosecutor has appealed) and in the other, he was found guilty (21 months prison and a fine), but has appealed. All this has been rumbling on since he was first arrested six years ago. Isn’t justice wonderful?

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