2 Replies to “Non residents MUST update their ID before 15th of December”

  1. I have received notification from my bank asking for a Fiscal Declaration. I now see the article stating that I need to update my ID before the 15th December .
    What does the bank actually want ?
    How do I confirm and what is my digital ID ?
    I had assumed that they wanted me to just declare that I was a resident of the. UK and paying taxes in the UK. But now this article,on this site is saying they need copies of my digital ID.
    Is it a copy of my passport or a copy of my NIE numbers . I am confused as to what is required.

  2. 2 things going on there – the fiscal declaration ( which must be renewed every two years) AND your id in digital format. Basically they’re asking for a scanned copy of your passport, but they’re not allowed to take it from their archived photocopy version.

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