Mojacar residents suffer highest tax burden in province

Mojacar residents suffer the highest tax burden in the province, according to the latest tax data released by the Ministerio de Hacienda.

The data reveals that the average Mojacar resident in 2013 had to pay the townhall €1.240,40 a year in direct taxes (impuestos directos). The next highest village, Turillas, levies just €844 per head a year.

Almeria city residents pay just €451.55, for example.

The breakdown shows why: Mojacar had (for 2013) an income of €11.266.547,08, of which almost half (€5.194.032,70) went on salaries and just €3.419.550,79 went on “services and public assets”.

A good job the Mayors plan to give all workers an extra €1000 this year was scuppered…

Mojacar, a village of just 8173 people, has a townhall staff of … 267 people. Read my earlier complaint about it here. Hey, they’re all votes… just a pity you have to pay for them!

Here’s a handy calculator to see the top 20 most tax heavy towns in each province of Spain (Choose Almería, and you can change the size of population as well):

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