Game of Thrones producers say they’re never coming back to Spain!

The producers of “Game of Thrones”, currently filming across Andalucia, told La Vanguardia newspaper they were “disgusted” with the attitude of the Spanish authorities and that they had no intention of returning to film again in Spain.

Peter Welton of Fresco Films, the production company, told the newspaper that the Andalucian authorities were “arrogant”, that they seem to think that they have exclusive use of the sun and that’s enough… when in reality today we need more.

They cited the constant red tape and inefficient bureaucracy for pushing up filming prices far higher than they would have been if they’d gone to the UK or France, and said that the next time they were looking for sun, they’d build sets in Croacia or Morocco “where the authorities are pleased to attract overseas investment”.

HBO, the TV company behind the popular series, refused to comment and said they hadn’t taken any decision on whether to return to Spain in the future.

When asked, the Junta de Andalucia said they’d done everything they could to help the film producers, and blamed the central government of the PP and Mariano Rajoy for not “establishing mechanisms of compensation and aid for large international film productions”.

“Game of Thrones” has spent an estimated 98 million euros so far filming in Spain and created hundreds of local jobs.

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