Monarch drops Almeria – Birmingham route in 2015

Monarch airlines has quietly dropped Almería airport from its Birmingham route.

They continue to offer flights to Manchester from Almeria (LEI), but all Birmingham flights for 2015 have been removed from their website.

This means that Almería is not longer connected to the heartland of England, as Easyjet only offers flights to Gatwick, and Ryanair offer flights to Stanstead or East Midlands.

Brummies and the like will now have to travel via Murcia or Alicante airports for their flights.

When asked, Monarch told me that:

We’re currently reviewing our 2015 schedule. We’ll be publishing our results at the end of autumn.

So although no official announcement has been made, it’s hasn’t been decided either… if you want the route to stay, I suggest you email them or facebook them!

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  1. Thank you for blog on almeria via monarch.I have so far sent 4 e mails requesting explanation but they dont reply,very professional I dont think.

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