Almería airport reduces losses by 30% – only loses 6 million a year

So that’s something. AENA “only” lost 5.9 million euros on Almeria Airport last year, and the airport now has an accumulated debt of 128 million euros. But it’s the Andalucian airport that has grown the most this year, with traffic figures up 26%, mainly due to international tourism flights and the return of flights that were cancelled in 2013. 177.784 passengers went through Almeria last year, down 23% on 2012 figures. Ryanair continues to be the biggest operator at the airport, even after it cancelled the Madrid route.

The information comes after AENA released -part- of its famously opaque accounts ahead of a partial privatisation next year.

Almeria Airport (airport code LEI) turned over 8,3 million euros, which must mean it costs the state 14.2 million euros a year to keep the airport open.

Granada airport turned over 6.9 million euros, and lost 5.3 million euros.

San Javier (Murcia) turned over just 12.2 million euros – chump change compared with the two massive south coast airports, Malaga (180 million) and Alicante (134 million). Which sort of makes Corvera airport even more of a white elephant.

It’s not all bad news for AENA. Tidying up the house ahead of the floatation has made a marked improvement on figures – out of the 47 airports in the network, only 8 were profitable in 2012, but 15 were profitable in 2013.

AENA turns over a total of 3 billion euros a year, and has an aggregated debt of 550 million euros, mainly because most of it has been unloaded onto the public sector.


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