Germany demands explanation from Nijar over local police brutality

During the Easter week parade in Nijar, several policial locales in Nijar stopped a German man, along with his Italian wife, when the man laughed at the parade passing by outside the bar window. The comment was, according to the man’s statement in court later, an aside made to his wife, which was overheard by the patrol, who took offense and demanded his passport.

The German man said he didn’t have it on him, and wasn’t prepared to go back to the hotel to get it, as he hadn’t done anything wrong. At which point, the two coppers arrested him for refusing to identify himself, forced him to the floor, got a couple of kicks in and slammed the cuffs on him.

They then “dragged” him to the Local Police station, about 300 metres away, rather than wait for a car, as the procession was still going on, bruising the man quite badly, and also gave him a couple of pokes when he complained.

The local police were from the “delta” force of the local police, an “elite unit” setup for crowd control by the townhall. They’re not usually used for tourists – their main duty is keeping the moros in the greenhouses quiet when they start to talk about human rights, salaries or the like.

All was fine and dandy, the chap was let off with a warning not to be cheeky again, and the matter forgotten about.

Well, not quite, because the man was a close friend of an important German MP, Andrej Hunko, a member of the Die Linke party. And he has not only only presented a formal complaint on behalf of Germany to the Spanish Ambassador, he’s also sent two letters from his office demanding a full explanation from Nijar, and complained about the matter to the German High Committee on Human Rights, which looks likely to send the complaint to Europe.

It comes just a short while after Europe rapped Spain’s knuckles over police brutality, so the matter is a hot political potato in Brussels.

And the matter hasn’t been helped by the high and mighty attitude of the Mayor of Nijar, Antonio Jesús Rodríguez (PP), who hasn’t bothered to reply to the two letters he’s received so far from the German parliament. And it seems he doesn’t intend to, either.

German tourists in Nijar, watch out!

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