Chap found with 1,5 million euros in a suitcase

A Frenchman in a taxi has been unfortunate enough to have 1,5 million euros in cash confiscated by the coppers.

It happened whilst he was in the back of the cab in Valencia. A routine traffic control stopped the taxi – the coppers were looking for unlicensed or illegal taxis, and wanted to check the papers of the driver.

But the suspicious behaviour of the passenger, who was clutching a “massive” suitcase, aroused the suspicion of the Guardia, and they opened the suitcase.

And found it full of euros. 1.481.390 of them in notes of different sizes, to be precise.

It’s not known where the money came from, but the police had it anyway until the Frenchman can explain it away. The money has been lodged in the personal, sorry I mean official, bank account of the financial police for safekeeping.

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