Sadistic Cuevas dog killer charged

The Guardia Civil have charged the young man who sadistically stamped a pet dog to death with animal cruelty.

F.F.R., 18 years old and resident in Cuevas del Almanzora, set his Alsatian on the pet dog of an 84 year old woman in front of her for amusement, and when his dog lost interest, proceeded to kick the small animal to death. According to witnesses, he also threatened to kill her if she interfered.

A local vet from Vera has testified that the animal died from internal bleeding and must have suffered an “agonising” death.

Over 200 residents in Cuevas have signed an online petition for the man to be arrested, which finally happened yesterday after the Guardia Civil decided they had enough testimony to take the matter to court. He will appear in court next week.

Animal rights organisation “Equinac” have also announced that they will press a private prosecution against the youth.

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