Don’t kill my dog pleads Ebola victim

The nurse with Ebola in Madrid has issued a desperate plea along with her husband to prevent the health authorities destroying their beloved dog.

Madrid had said that it’s possible the animal has Ebola – it is unknown if this is possible, although some studies suggest that canines may be able to transmit the virus. In any case, the husband of the nurse, who has gone into voluntary quarantine whilst his wife is being treated, says that Dr Zarco ordered him to take his beloved pet to be put down.

The family have refused to do this, and so Madrid has taken the issue to a Judge for a seizure order to be issued. “The only way to be completely safe is to euthanise and cremate the animals corpse” said a statement issued by the health authorities. Since both husband and wife are in solitary confinement, they are unable to personally argue their case before the court and so have gone to the media for help.

The dog is currently locked in the family apartment with “more than sufficient food and water for a month”. Originally a family member was going to look after the pet, but after the seizure order was given by Dr Zarco, the family locked him in the apartment in order to ensure that a judicial order was needed to enter.

The family argue that that animal can be quarantined for two to three weeks and a blood sample taken (which they would pay for) to see if Ebola antibodies are present. If the animal is not carrying the virus there is no need for it to be destroyed, and they say that this putting their beloved family pet down with no evidence it is contagious is a ridiculous over the top measure by a health authority which is desperate to seem to be “on top” of the situation.

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