Capitan the rescued donkey “as good as new”

Capitan was the donkey that was roaming wild amongst the back streets of Almería city, being stoned by children and ill treated by certain people for amusement, until the poorest section of the city demanded that action was taken.

Eventually, thanks to pressure from a section of society not usually associated with authority or helping the police (other than “with their enquiries”), Capitan was rescued, his former owner was found and prosecuted, the kids who mistreated him likewise, and the poor little starving donkey was sent to a rescue home in Seville.

Where he has flourished.

Capitan the donkey!

“Huella Roja”, the donkey charity, has published a series of photos showing how Capitan has improved, put on weight and recovered from his injuries.

A happy ending to a sad story!

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