AUAN “impatient” for planning law to be changed ASAP

AUAN press release 07/10/14:

Responding to today’s announcement of the initiation of a parliamentary bill to amend the Planning Laws of Andalusia (LOUA) to deal with illegal land divisions, thus allowing more houses to be regularized …….
SOHA and AUAN are pleased with the agreement reached between PSOE and IU in relation to this initiative.
But at the same time we are impatient for this change to be made law as soon as possible.
The members of AUAN and SOHA are the victims, not the authors, of planning crimes. They have suffered years of legal uncertainty and stress as a consequence of their decision to live in Spain and to buy a house in good faith.
We need to see the text but as we understand it the proposed change permits the regularisation, not the legalisation, of houses that meet all of the criteria established in the Regularisation Decree of 2012, except for the fact that the houses share the same parcel of non urbanizable land. It is not an amnesty.
In an ideal world the guilty would already have been punished and the victims would already have been compensated.
But we do not live in an ideal world and we are obliged to compromise.
We hope that with dialogue and common sense this bill will progress as quickly as possible.
The demolition of all the irregular houses would be economic suicide for Andalucía and for Spain.
(The next AUAN Member’s Meeting Saturday 20th September 2014 at 11.00am, La Parilla, Albox)

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