Ebola detected in Madrid

A nurse in Madrid has come down with a case of the deadly Ebola virus, having contracted it from a sick missionary who was repatriated from Sierra Leon by the Spanish military. Another nurse has also been admitted to hospital this evening with similar symptoms.

Manuel Garcia, a 76 year old Spanish Priest, came down with the virus in his missionary and was taken to Madrid for treatment. He died on the 25th of September.

The 44 year old nurse was undergoing routine tests, having been in contact twice with the priest, but had gone on holiday for four days, during which she had a slight fever which she assumed was a cold. She reported back to doctors after the fever didn’t go away, and her illness has now been diagnosed as Ebola.

Her husband is in quarantine as a precaution and all people who have been in contact with her are being checked. The Madrid Ministry of Health say they are checking 30 people, and will be contacting more people in the coming days for checks to make sure the nurse has not passed the virus onto anyone else.

The national Minister of Health has promised that every resource will be put at the disposition of the team controlling this disease to ensure it is not in the wild in Madrid.

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