Ebola detected in Madrid

A nurse in Madrid has come down with a case of the deadly Ebola virus, having contracted it from a sick missionary who was repatriated from Sierra Leon by the Spanish military. Another nurse has also been admitted to hospital this evening with similar symptoms. Manuel Garcia, a 76 year old Spanish Priest, came down with the virus in his missionary and was taken to Madrid for treatment. He died on the 25th of September. Continue reading Ebola detected in Madrid

Hundreds march against closure of local hospital wards

Over a thousand people marched through Huercal Overa today to demand that our local hospital reopens its closed wards and surgeries, and another one is planned, even bigger, next Tuesday 14th, at 6pm. CSIF, the public sector union behind the march, blames the management of La Inmaculada hospital for “inefficiency and bad management leading to beds being closed, staff laid off and surgeries being closed for short term economic reasons”. They also blamed the local Continue reading Hundreds march against closure of local hospital wards

Almanzora railway could reopen

The central government has confirmed that it is spending €100,000 on a study to see if it’s worthwhile reopening the Almanzora railway, which runs past Cantoria, Albox, Huercal Overa and eventually down to Pulpí. The Almanzora railway ran for a hundred years until it was closed in 1985 during the Spanish version of the Beeching report. Since then, it’s laid unused and abandoned. The central government has consistently refused permission to reuse the land for Continue reading Almanzora railway could reopen